Press Release- March 2015

Solution to Nasty Bathroom Smells

Montreal native Luc Jalbert knows a thing or two about nasty bathroom smells and has spent the best part of a decade doing something about it. Today the co-owner of Prelam Enterprises Ltd., a household products business in Moncton NB, is introducing a new spray he has developed to deal with the problem and it is on the shelves of Jean Coutu pharmacies throughout Quebec.


Just ‘a Spray toilet bowl odor eliminator, when sprayed into the toilet bowl, immediately forms a film on top of the water that seals in whatever is dropped into the toilet bowl, eliminating bad smells and replacing them with fragrant ones made from scents purchased from major perfume houses in Europe.


Launched in Quebec and the Maritimes, Just ‘a Spray is packaged and marketed as an upscale product for homes, offices and travel and will be available online within the coming weeks. A national sampling program is planned and the all Canadian made product will be sold nation-wide by summer. The first of Prelam’s products using the same water seal technology, Just’a Drop has, to date, sold over six million units in Canada and globally.