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Moncton Coupon Lady – Just’a Spray review

Just’a Spray Review / Giveaway For the last few days I’ve had the pleasure to try a new product called Just’a Spray. Now if the name sounds familiar this is the newest inventions from the guys behind just a drop. So until our poop comes out smelling like roses this is the product you need! […]

Just’A Spray Makes the Smell go Away! – June 2015

My Internet search  revealed that the easy answer to the question of poop’s smell is bacteria. The trillions of microorganisms that live in your gut (and the guts of other animals) produce a number of sulfurous compounds that pass out of the body along with the feces and give it its characteristic odor. But now, […]

Press Release- March 2015

Solution to Nasty Bathroom Smells Montreal native Luc Jalbert knows a thing or two about nasty bathroom smells and has spent the best part of a decade doing something about it. Today the co-owner of Prelam Enterprises Ltd., a household products business in Moncton NB, is introducing a new spray he has developed to deal […]