Just'a Spray Unscented 220ml

Just’a Spray Unscented 220ml

The new innovation is finally here! Have complete control over ostomy odors in pouches with Just’a Spray Advanced Unscented formula! The ideal product for those on the go! This product works in ostomy pouches and standard toilets. The concentrated formula is environmentally friendly, safe for septic systems and will not harm plumbing nor the ostomy pouch.

Comes in a 220ml or 300 uses economy size spray that is great for home use and prevent any waste with its special pump technology.

• New unscented formula is great for use in public areas that are scent sensitive.

• Simply spray a few times into the ostomy pouch, as needed. Use with each pouch change, or after emptying.

• Biodegradable formula contains no harsh chemicals, parabens or phthalates.

• Appropriate for use with colostomy & Ileostomy pouches.

• Proven to work!

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